no. 26- princeton farmer’s market, take three.





Look at these crazy things!  Garlic scapes are the plant that grows out of a garlic bulb.  According to notwithoutsalt (a beautiful food and photo blog), “Young garlic scapes are tender and delicious. I often describe the texture to that of a green bean but the flavor is unmistakable – similar to mature garlic but much more mellow.”  Apparently they’re a staple in Korean cooking, as we were told by a patron that day at the Chickadee Creek Farm tent.

The bees from Tassot Apiaries.  Besides all kinds of delicious honey, they have homemade beeswax candles and scented soaps.

Some of you may recognize this face if you pictured it on a woman riding a bicycle…. sweet tunes in the plaza!

A-ma-zing cheeses from Cherry Grove Farm in Lawrenceville, NJ.  We bought some of the Toma Primavera and made some kick-ass mac ‘n’ cheese.  We also picked up some of that lavender honey goat cheese at the front of the board- ridiculously good.

Snapdragon bouquets from Chickadee Creek Farm.

Colorful umbrellas line the plaza for an open-air lunch at the market.

This little guy was enjoying a rest before I woke him up!

French breakfast radishes from Stonehedge Farm. They also brought “sacred basil” that day, which is a variety of tulsi sometimes referred to as Holy Basil (often used in Thai cooking).  

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